Sean Russell established the Marble Plastering Co in 2013.

The company specialises in crushed- marble and finely filtered slaked lime finishes. Decorative Marble and Stone wall and floor finishes, Marmarino/ Stucco's are applied by the skill of the applicator transforming a simple area into a bespoke design that is truly unique to the client.

The products we use are only authentic products from an Italian company manufactured in the sate of art plants with certified raw materials, processed in full respect of the environment. They stand for low chemical content, less than 1.5% and for the absence of volatile organic compounds. ( VOC )
An entire organic range of products are available, Stone and Marble are still the main ingredients as in the renaissance recipe, the blend is prepared by milling and mixing reclaimed stones and marbles in precise proportions, while recycled saw dust is used for baking. The product is naturally breathing which helps prevent moulds and general cleaning. ( helps people with asthma )

Product can be applied on many different surfaces unlike British plasters, as long as the area is suitable to take product. As In the existing area's are true and not falling like, blown plaster - damp problems – or very uneven walls/ areas.
Being a plaster for over 17 years means our company could take care of these issues.

* Venetian Plaster is a beautiful, elegant, luxurious *