Why Use Us?

You will probably be able to tell the passion this team has for venetian-marmarino-stucco decorative finishes by just seeing work that has been produced from applicators.

Director Sean Russell has excelled him self in this niche market just from the love of this work and the artistic touch, being a plasterer with over 17 years experience in domestic and commercial,  8 years venetian qualified means that every aspect of this work can guarantee what we touch will be the best superior job you can get.  Getting over issues that occur like damp problems, blown plaster, uneven surfaces, sand and cement work for outside/inside contracts, so there is not really any need (or will be delay) for other trades to be found on the job slowing the job down.
Also Sean has dedicated a lot of his life learning different finishes within the plastering industry. Involving k-rend – paint effects – marble painting – gold leafing – and Tudor beaming (carving and shaping plaster then staining and varnishing to replicate 100 year old wooden beaming) Combining all that has been learned, attention to detail and artist flair for color’s and interior design can really leave you in amazement for these unique bespoke finishes for all types of clients.

We run a very punctual time scale being very loyal and available to all our clients at any time in the day- eve. For any reason or  any query. Producing samples into the night for others satisfaction, and our own.  Also being around this material and using it for a pretty long time now. We  know how to over come many issues if there are professionally and quickly, experimenting with creating our own range of finishes and trying different methods of application to achieve mostly anything challenging. also the detail in the glossy finishes like classico range to  offer exactly what the client wants and deserves. Can even offer advice on what would work best  in any areas.  Creativity is endless.

We take on any size jobs from big restaurants like (obika- mozzarella restaurant Poland street London) to small splash backs in kitchens.
For prices please contact us for appointment  (or even a estimate price)  

Very clean – quiet – polite –punctual – qualifications - cscs certified